25 июл. 2012 г.

Factors of non-using condoms in last anal same-sex intercource in Nikolaev (Ukraine)

Kasianczuk M. Factors of non-using condoms in last anal same-sex intercource in Nikolaev (Ukraine) // in: Missing Voices from the Field : A Selection of MSM & Transgender Abstracts Rejected from the 2012 International AIDS Conference. — MSMGF, 2012. — P. 30. — http://www.msmgf.org/index.cfm/id/290/#Anchor48

Background: Nikolaev is the big city in the south of Ukraine. From 1994, there works NGO «Lesbian and Gay Association» (LiGA). This study, supported by COC Netherlands, was conducted to collect data about sexual behavior and risk factors of MSM in Nikolaev.

Methods: A crossectional RDS-study was conducted with 350 MSM. With informed consent, all participants were interviewed and tested for HIV, syphilis and hepatites. All interviews were anonymous, with participants testing positive for HIV being referred for follow-up at the local AIDS-center. Cases are people, which answered «NO», and controls — which answered «YES» to question «Do you use a condom during last anal intercourse with male partner?». Analysis was done with chi-square (p≤0.05) and logistic regression (p≤0.001).

Results: Using the data, the main factors of non-using condoms (NUC) in last anal same-sex intercource are: number of male partners during last 6 months (if respondent had 2 or more partners, AOR of NUC were 0.1 with 95%CI 0.1–0.3), average income per month (respondents of low-income, less than $125, often use condoms AOR 0.2 (0.1–0.6)), real family status (men having standing same-sex partners neglect of using condoms, AOR 3.9 (1.6–9.5)).

Accociation low-income with using of condoms seems to be a paradox, because of condom’s high prices, low-level of life and high taxes in Ukraine. Perhaps the stable operation of the LGBT-NGO allows MSM of low-income to get free condoms and motivates them to use the safer sex to reduce the economic risks associated with infection.

Conclusions: The results can help for designing more effective programs for MSM in Ukraine: working with gay-partnerships to stimulate them to use condoms, continuing distribution of free condoms.

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